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So Many Drops To Drink! (Part 1)

A few years ago while working at a yoga center, I came across a book in the boutique that quite honestly changed my life. This little yoga center had a great selection of books and seeing how I was working another well paying job and took the job at the center just to fill time and learn a bit about yoga, all the money I earned there ended up being spent in their boutique. The book is called “The Hidden Messages In Water” by Masaru Emoto. Up until that point I was under the impression (like so many people are) that water is nothing special, but nothing could be further from the truth.

emotoIt turns out water is very special indeed. It is the only know stable liquid crystal at room temperature and has a number of properties that baffle science. It is the only known substance that gets less dense in its solid state. Think about it, when winter arrives and the lakes freeze the top layer of ice actually insulates the rest of the lake so all the fish can survive. If it was not for this unique property, life would not have developed as it did. Water also expands when it freezes, and contracts when it heats up, the complete opposite as every single other substance on earth, and science cannot even begin to give us an explanation of why it does what it does.

emoto-postive-negativeOne other unique property that water has is that is can store vibrational information in its structure. Water molecules are like little triangles and can join together to make more complex shapes. The basis of Emoto’s research was that if you expose water to positive words (written or spoken) or music, then freeze drops of the water, it would form perfect crystals. This shows that at the time of freezing the water was arranged in a perfect geometry. Now if you expose the same water to death metal or violent rap music, the drops will freeze into shapeless masses.

water_man_by_bradldm83-d4puzx1When I fully digested that bit of research I was floored! Suddenly I became aware of the fact that my body was 75%-90% stable liquid crystal…..we are literally walking talking biological crystal beings. I still cant really wrap my head around it. It became really clear to me at that point that drinking clean water was really important, but also drinking structured water was very important. What if the water within us was like an antenna for life energy? What if the more structured your water was, the easier it would be for you to access higher ways of thinking and being?

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