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So Many Drops to Drink (Part 2)

In the last part of the blog entry I was talking about how strange and amazing water is and how many of its properties totally baffle science. It makes sense that if water can hold information in the form of a vibrational pattern, and if you are made up of 75% – 90% water, then it would be in your best interest to drink water that has a positive charge. Not only that, but it goes without saying that the water you drink should also be clean, and for many people who have access to fresh water from their taps, this is not really the case.

poisonIn many major cities in North America and other countries, it is common practice to add chlorine to the water water supply so it is safe to drink. That in itself is kind of an oxymoron because the element chlorine is one of the most toxic elements of the periodic table! That is why it is used to clean water, it KILLS everything in the water. This is great for removing nasty bugs and viruses that would make you very sick if they got in your system, but it also has a negative effect on your health (as drinking any poison would). No only is it bad for your health but it also tastes aweful, I know the water in my region smells like the local swimming pool when it comes out of the faucet, and tastes like it too. As if chlorine was not bad enough, some cities also add fluoride to the water, and fluoride happens to be another potent poison!

Not only are there toxic things added to our water, but lots that get picked up along the way. Water travels a fair distance to get to your tap, and who knows what condition the pipes are in.

berkey-water-filter-canada.jpegBecause of the low quality (and vibration) of the water that comes from our taps, many people do not drink it, and I don’t blame them, it tastes awful! For years I got around this by buying reverse osmosis water at the grocery store, but at $0.24/L my house hold would spend over $1000 a year on water. Luckily I found a much cheaper solution that has saved me so much time, money and energy. Its called a Berkey Water Purifier, it has no moving parts, runs on gravity which just happens to cost nothing and is available everywhere. These will remove cysts, parasites, bacteria, most viruses (the ones you gotta worry about anyway), heavy metals, VOC’s (chlorine), and some radioactive matieral. Just fill up the top reservoir and gravity does the rest. Please check out our Friends of First Glass Design page and click the Conscious Water link to learn more about these amazing devices!

DSCN0289So now that we have cleaned the water available to us, its time to charge it with the highest vibrations. There are many ways of doing this as Dr.Emoto showed in his research. You could play wonderful symphony music to your water, or sit down and say very nice things to it. But if you are at all like me, you probably dont have a lot of spare time to play your water music. Miron Glass is a great alternative for charging the water that is soon to be a large part of you. Miron Glass filters sunlight to only allow a narrow band of UV light into the bottle. Emotos research showed that this life giving spectrum of light had the same effect on water as prayer or positive words. Just fill up your bottle and place it in a sunny window for 5 min and it will be restructured. But at First Glass Design we have taken this technology to an even higher level. We have taken these amazing bottles and permanently etched the oldest and most potent symbols into the glass itself. Imagine the water that is soon to be you, bathed in violet light, surrounded by prayers and sacred geometry. With water like that in every cell in your body, you are sure to feel a world of difference in your mind, body and soul.

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