Transition and Transformation

Part 1 – The Storm

Over the past few weeks I have been going through a massive transition and transformation and I am pretty sure most subscribers to this blog can relate in their own special way. It seems like everyone I know is undergoing a major physical/mental/spiritual overhaul, and has absolutely no say in the matter.

Bass-Coast-CloudsThis transition became very apparent to me while attending a BC music festival known as Bass Coast. This festival was held in the desert landscape of Merrit, BC. In years past it was held in Squamish, BC but to ensure better weather they moved it to the desert. Saturday was a bright and hot sunny day but in late afternoon something odd happened….the darkness many people felt on the horizon revealed itself. This desert thunderstorm (kind of an oxymoron if you ask me) rocked our world! I saw tents blow away in the wind and the rain. No one was prepared for this, and many times in life it is in the moment that you feel the least prepared, that the universe tests you. It blows away your tent, soaks your sleeping bag and leaves you wondering why.

Well those of us at Bass Coast found out exactly why! If it was not for the darkness of storm, we would not have seen the miracle light can bring!

bass-coast-rainbowThis rainbow was the mother of all rainbows. This picture is good, but no picture can do what we all witnessed justice. There were multiple rainbows inside the rainbow, multiple rainbows outside the rainbow. I personally counted 7 rainbows all together! How I manged to not have a heart attack from seeing it is beyond me, this moment was pinnacle in my earthly experience. Something deep inside me awoke and will never sleep again.

tumblr_mleuczit4c1s1fji4o1_500So the moral of this story is that sometimes life gets really dark and nasty in the most unexpected ways, at the most unexpected time, when you feel the least prepared for it. But if you don’t panic and loose control, there is the mother of all rainbows waiting for you on the other side of the storm!

Stay tuned for part two, this experience was just the beginning:)

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