Sigillum Dei

4582983923_378x195Sigillum Dei

There is a design known as the “Sigillum Dei” (Seal of God) which was used in ceremonial magickal practices in the middle ages. This design was used by the adept magician to contact angelic or demonic forces, to gain insights or make pacts. Now this idea always intrigued me but I am in no way, shape or form a practitioner of white or black magick, just someone who thinks the idea is interesting. So I decided to take this tool of the magician and make it my own, a tool of gratitude

My work is largely based on the work of Dr.Emoto who showed that words, symbols and even thoughts have a measurable impact on the structure of water. One of the words that had the largest impact on water molecules was “Thank You”, or any word showing gratitude. So I decided to work on a design that incorporated my interest in magickal practice and my overwhelming gratitude for…..well…….everything really.

I spent hour’s cleaning up a very old image of this design, and erasing any trace of magic from it. I was left with the simple and beautiful sacred geometrical figure. I then placed the word for “Thank You” around the design, in seven different languages, each one being seven letters in length. 14 alchemical symbols were placed around the design to symbolize the alchemical transmutation of lead into gold, which is really a metaphor for transmuting your body and mind into higher realms. Finally I placed 5 Om’s around the central pentagram. The Om’s represent the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, while the pentagram is a symbol of the physical world that allows us to have these human experiences.