Sacred Geometry Etched Glass Tea Pot

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This beautiful etched glass tea pot is great for loose leaf teas or tea bags. The glass tea diffuser which has small slots cut into the bottom of it allow water to fill it, but keeps loose leaf tea trapped inside. The Sri Yantra is etched on one side while Metatrons cube is etched on the other. Along the top of the diffuser is the Gayatri Mantra (the “mother” of all mantras) and it also has a small seed of life etched on the bottom. The tea pot itself is all clear glass except for the very bottom which has Metatrons cube etched, and the handle has the Gayatri Mantra. Last but not least the lid of the pot has 4 Om symbols and a seed of life on the very top. This type of glass is thermal resistant so there is no concern when pouring boiling water into it. Please note that the tea diffuser has a piece of black material inside in both pictures. I ship my items with Canada Post and all items are sent ground service. (packages will arrive USPS in USA). This service will take on 4-6 weeks on average to reach the UK and Europe and for some reason Canada Post does not offer a tracking number with their ground service. If you would like your item to arrive faster and to send with a tracking number, please convo me and I can give you rates for air mail.


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