Flower Of Life Gayatri Mantra 1 Liter Water Bottle

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This beautiful 1 Liter Miron glass bottle has one of the oldest and most potent symbols called the Flower Of Life permanently etched into its surface. I have added the full Gayatri Mantra in Sanskrit along the top with the Sanskrit symbol of Om centered. On the back of the bottle I have added the Sri Yantra and two star tetrahedrons above and below it. Not only does this bottle look amazing but it a very functional piece of art. Miron glass is proven to reflect all portions of the visible spectrum except UVA and Far Infrared, meaning that it actually changes the structure of water that is stored in it and exposed to sun light! The last picture in the series shows the deep violet tint of the glass. Miron is VERY reflective and looks jet black unless you hold it up to a bright light .

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