1 liter Egyptian Miron Apothecary Bottle

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Out of all the different Miron glass containers I have etched over the years, nothing comes close to the apothecary jars. They hold 1 litre and have a scientific glass on glass lid, which means no plastic whatsoever. The glass on glass lid slides into place and with a very small twist will create an air tight seal, protecting the contents from all elements. I was not sure of the strength of the lid, but after filling the jar with water and locking the lid, I was able to turn the jar totally upside down with no leaks and of course the lid stayed in place. In all my years of etching I have never spend this much time on one piece, and have never attempted such small etchings before. The lid is etched with a old alchemical symbol of two intertwined pentagons and a seven sided star set in a seven armed spiral. On the under side of the lid I have etched all twelve signs of the Zodiac, and a seed of life. The upper most collar for the jar has the Gayatri Mantra (known as “the mother of all mantras”) in a positive etch three times with an “Om” between them . This mantra is 5mm tall, the smallest etching I have ever done. Below it is the Tibetan “White Tara” mantra which wraps all the way around the lower collar of the jar. On the main body of the jar I have etched a classic Hebrew depiction of the Kabbalah (including the actual Hebrew names for all ten Sephiroth), with the eye of Horus above it. Opposite to the Kabbalah I have etched the first 6 Chakras with the third eye chakra above and separate from the rest. On either side of the jar I have etched the Egyptian Gods “Ra” (the hawk headed) and Thoth (The Ibis headed). Both of these deities were bringers of knowledge to the land of Khemit (which translates to “The Black Land” and refers to pre dynastic Egypt). This jar is sure to increase the potency of whatever medicine you choose to put in it, along with increasing the vibration of the space you keep it in.


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