Miron Glass

What’s So Special About Miron?


Sunlight is vital to the survival of all things and each color within it plays a different role in the many stages that living things go through. Some colors of light are used by plants to grow in their vegetative cycle, while others are used by the plant to flower, and finally some parts of the spectrum are used in the process of decay. Miron glass filters sunlight so all the frequencies that cause decay do not enter the container, while frequencies that promote the health of an organism all allowed to enter.

All living things are absorbing the suns light and in turn, producing their own light through a process called “Bio-Photonics”. New research shows that the quality of food is not determined by the chemical make up alone, but also by the amount of light being produced by the cells of the food. The more “Bio-Photons” being produced, the better the food is for you. Miron glass not only preserves, but INCREASES the amount of Bio-Photons being produced.

Why Store Water In Miron?

Miron glass reflects all visable  portions of the suns light, while allowing UVA and Far Infared to enter the bottle. UVA has a frequency of 720 – 770 billion Hertz, which correlates to the frequency the central nervous system of the human body operates on, and this is why water stored in Miron glass has such a positive impact on health.  

In 1999, Dr. Masaru Emoto published his first book “Messages from Water” where he shows that thought and symbols can have an effect on water. Recently he has done studies to show that water stored in Miron glass will show simialr characteristics as water that has been exposed to postive words or sacred symbolism. The water appears to be more structured after being exposed to the high vibration of UVA light.