About five years ago I was convinced there was not a creative bone in my body. I could not paint or draw, did not play any instruments, and felt totally uninspired when it came to expressing myself. I knew that deep down inside there was something I would enjoy that would count as a creative outlet, but was having such a hard time finding it.

On one random Wednesday night I had a chance encounter with a very interesting young man who when asked what he did for a living replied “I blow glass”. This really caught me off guard, I had never met a glass blower and was surprised to hear one could make a living doing it. He invited me to his studio the following weekend, and I could not help take him up on the offer.

4585168694_380x285Almost every weekend for many months to come I would take the ferry over to Quadra Island on BC’s west coast, and watch him work. I watched for many, many hours until I accepted his invitation to try my hand at his craft. Once I did, I was hooked. You know you have found a passion when you lose many hours of time while doing it, and are not detered when you suffer many burns doing it. Since that time I have been a bit obsessed with glass, and all the interesting things you can do with it.

I am very lucky to have made many friends in the glass blowing community on this coast, to be exposed to so much creativity. I am currently working on setting up a glass blowing space in my own workshop, fulfilling a dream that has been brewing for years now.

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