Friends of First Glass

This page is dedicated to some amazing people I have met along the way.  Some have inspired me to live in a constant act of creation while others enlightened me about the importance of clean water and eating raw food. I hope you take the time to click through to their sites and see what they have to offer.

Conscious Water – My close friend Scott Miller started conscious water a number of years ago and has been improving the lives of thousands of people ever since. I am so proud to be a sales rep for Conscious Water, bringing people an amazingly affordable way to rid their water of unwanted additives like chlorine and fluoride, not to mention all the microbes that can really ruin your day. These gravity fed systems will remove viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites while extracting chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, arsenic, organic solvents, VOCs, detergents, cloudiness, silt, sediment, foul tastes and odors from your tap water or ANY FRESH WATER SOURCE! I have used my unit while camping and have drank from some pretty sketchy water sources and have never fallen ill.


Vitality Goods –  Your best source for unetched Miron anywhere on-line! Vitality Goods has a huge selection to choose from, very resnoable pricing, they ship very fast and are always easy to deal with. First Glass Design orders all our glass through Vitality Goods and we could not do what we do if it was not for the amazing team at Vitality Glass.


Green Haven – For a very large part of my life I was convinced that I was simply not creative. I could not draw, paint or sculpt (because I never tried) but when I was introduced to glass blowing my world changed. Something deep within me awoke and will never sleep again. Adam Szoke and I became close friends a few years back and it was a massive turning point in my life. This man is hands down the most creative person I have ever come across, a walking inspiration. If Adam is not sleeping or eating, he is working on one of ten projects currently on the go. One project was the Green Haven Guest House, and I was lucky enough to see it grow from start to finish. His attention to detail surpasses anything I have seen, no matter what project he is working on. He has recently built a tiny home that I still can’t wrap my head around (pictures will follow soon).

We Are Wildness – My close friend Alissa Wild is hard at work helping people undo a hundred years of disconnect. Her website challenges people to start developing a deeper relationship with the massive organic space ship we call home. Please check her site out and start to Rewild Your Life!

Young and Raw – While I was traveling is Mexico this past winter we met up with good friends of ours who happened to be working with Young and Raw. These are some of the most positive and healthy people you will ever meet. My fiance and I recently took the 21 day raw food reset challenge and I have never felt so good in my life. If you are looking for a way to get more out of your day I highly recommend this program, its worth WAY more then they are asking.


Raw Revelations – These folks are packing some of the most intense super foods on the planet! They source only the highest vibration stuff such as spirulina grown at 9500 feet in the Andies with glacier melt water. Order some, your mind, body and soul will thank you!