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Transition and Transformation

Part 1 – The Storm

Over the past few weeks I have been going through a massive transition and transformation and I am pretty sure most subscribers to this blog can relate in their own special way. It seems like everyone I know is undergoing a major physical/mental/spiritual overhaul, and has absolutely no say in the matter. Continue reading “Transition and Transformation”

Water Water Everywhere….

So Many Drops to Drink (Part 2)

In the last part of the blog entry I was talking about how strange and amazing water is and how many of its properties totally baffle science. It makes sense that if water can hold information in the form of a vibrational pattern, and if you are made up of 75% – 90% water, then it would be in your best interest to drink water that has a positive charge. Not only that, but it goes without saying that the water you drink should also be clean, and for many people who have access to fresh water from their taps, this is not really the case. Continue reading “Water Water Everywhere….”

Water Water Everywhere….

So Many Drops To Drink! (Part 1)

A few years ago while working at a yoga center, I came across a book in the boutique that quite honestly changed my life. This little yoga center had a great selection of books and seeing how I was working another well paying job and took the job at the center just to fill time and learn a bit about yoga, all the money I earned there ended up being spent in their boutique. The book is called “The Hidden Messages In Water” by Masaru Emoto. Up until that point I was under the impression (like so many people are) that water is nothing special, but nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading “Water Water Everywhere….”


About five years ago I was convinced there was not a creative bone in my body. I could not paint or draw, did not play any instruments, and felt totally uninspired when it came to expressing myself. I knew that deep down inside there was something I would enjoy that would count as a creative outlet, but was having such a hard time finding it. Continue reading “Inspiration”

Exciting New Miron Designs!

Things have been very busy at FGD headquarters over the holiday season, many people around the world found Miron glass under the tree this year, while others found wine glasses and champagne flutes. I am currently working on a very detailed series of bottles that are going out to a few major names in the health and wellness industry. The above shot is just the start so stay tuned for more pictures. If you want more pictures of the family of bottles above, you can check out FGD’s Etsy store @

A Magickal Working of Gratitude

There is a design known as the “Sigillum Dei” (Seal of God) which was used in ceremonial magickal practices in the middle ages. This design was used by the adept magician to contact angelic or demonic forces, to gain insights or make pacts. Now this idea always intrigued me but I am in no way, shape or form a practitioner of white or black magick, just someone who thinks the idea is interesting. So I decided to take this tool of the magician and make it my own, a tool of gratitude.  Continue reading “A Magickal Working of Gratitude”

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